Can A Massage Gun Break Up Scar Tissue?‍

Massage therapy is a common practice for reducing stress and muscle tension. Aside from that, it’s also good for promoting healing after surgery or an injury. The general idea behind massage is that it increases blood circulation and relaxes muscles to reduce stress and anxiety. 

There are numerous ways to provide massage. To name a few, your hands, a glove or device made for massaging, or in the shower with water jets. A massage gun can be a useful tool for providing light pressure massage on sore muscles. Especially on the ones that are not easily accessible by other means. 

However, you might be wondering if a massager gun can break up scar tissue. The short answer is no; however, it can make a small difference when used consistently over time. 

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of using a massage gun on your body. We will also talk about which areas are ideal for use with one.

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How Does a Massage Gun Work?

Massage guns work by shooting out pressurized air or water to create a light, targeted pressure against the skin on which the gun is placed. They are often used to provide light massage to hard-to-reach areas of the body, such as the back, shoulders, and legs. Massage guns are also helpful for people with arthritis, limited mobility, or injuries. They are designed to be easy to use and have a few different settings. This includes a vibrating setting that can help to increase circulation and break up any scar tissue that may have formed in the area where the gun is being used.

Will A Massage Gun Help Break Up Scar Tissue?

Massage guns can help break up scar tissue, but not completely. You should use it after the initial healing period has ended. Massage can help loosen up that scar tissue and improve mobility, but it will not break it up completely. If you are dealing with serious scar tissue, such as from a surgical procedure or an injury, it can be useful to use a massage gun. The vibrating option is particularly helpful for breaking up any areas of thickened tissue. However, massage guns cannot break up scar tissue completely. They are best used as a preventative measure after the initial healing period has passed. This can help to reduce the likelihood of that tissue forming again.

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Which Areas Should You Use a Massage Gun On?

Anywhere on the body is potentially good to use a massage gun on. Though certain areas will benefit more than others. For example, the back is a great place to use a massage gun. This is because it is hard to reach with other methods. The legs and shoulders are also good candidates for a massage gun. If you have an injury that limits the mobility of an arm, a massage gun can be useful for that too. The legs and other areas that are covered in clothing or under sheets, such as the back, are also great for using a massage gun. This can be helpful if you have restricted mobility or live in a shared space and don’t want to disturb your roommates.

Are There Any Downsides to Using a Massage Gun?

While massage guns are helpful for providing light massage and can be useful after surgery or if you have arthritis, there are a few downsides. If you use the massage gun too often or apply too much pressure, you may irritate your skin. Additionally, massage guns are not as effective for deep tissue massage. They can help reduce certain types of pain and improve circulation, but they are not as effective for addressing chronic pain.

Conclusion: Can A Massage Gun Break Up Scar Tissue?

A massage gun provides light, targeted pressure that can be helpful for improving circulation and reducing pain, particularly in areas where you have limited mobility. While they can help break up scar tissue, they are best used after the initial healing period has passed. Massage guns are not as effective for deep tissue massage and can irritate the skin if used too often or with too much pressure.

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