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People who already have great abs still want one. So with all due respect to six-pack abs and the guys who pursue them, a strong core improves sports performance, prevents lower back pain, improves posture, and develops a slimmer waistline. Massfit Pro works by stimulating muscles with electrical currents. This mimics the central nervous system well enough to make muscles contract. A stomach band continually contracts and then relax muscles that give them a workout.


Massforce Massgun Heat Gun Massager

The Most Massage Mode With 6 Selections And 19 Power Levels

Massforce Massgun Heat Gun Massager

A Thin Stomach Band Works In Mute

Massforce Massgun Heat Gun Massager

Sculpt Your Abs Better

Massforce Massfit Pro Stomach Band

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Massfit Pro Uses electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS to pass an electrical current through the body, causing the ab muscle to contract. Small electrodes inside the belt come in contact with bare skin, sending the electrical pulses through the skin to do the work for you. Simply slap that belt on your waist and turn up the electrical current until you get the desired level of contraction.

Massage Intensity At Most

Sculpt your abs with a stomach band with various massage techniques. There are 6 massage modes with 19 intensity levels. Using Massfit Pro stomach band for fat burning, muscle growth, body sculpting. Provide the most effective abs workout for men and women. 

Massforce Massfit Pro Stomach Band
Massforce Massfit Pro Stomach Band

Zero Noise Operation

A slim stomach band of Massfit Pro comes in the best massage therapy. Easy carry and easy use whenever at any time. This has no noise so that you may turn this ON when you’re carrying a baby, having a phone or video call, working at home, or even relaxing with closed eyes. 

Effortless To Use

Having an abs stimulator can help muscles in the midsection by helping contract the muscles and activating blood flow with vibration. Luckily, it comes in an easy-to-use and easy-to-carry kit, as it is cordless. No wonder, it is just a sheet of cloth with its gel pads.

Massforce Massfit Pro Stomach Band
Massforce Massfit Pro Stomach Band

No Magical Results

Ab toning belts are effective, but they don’t do magic. You need to help yourself before it helps you. To optimize the use of ab toning belts, you still need to work out and eat the kind of food. 

Good!! I had some back pain so I bought the massage gun to hopefully relieve some pain and it has worked for me. I also like the case and set up it came with. Little heavy but power and battery life are exceptional!
Kimberly Gonnering

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I was tempted to buy this because my friend got this earlier and he told this new Massfit give good vibration for his belly. But i use this after my gym time, and yeah! it heals and shape me at the same time.


Funny fact, I bring this to work. It doesnt sound noisy so nobody knows im doing abs workout and my job at once. awesome!


Im not really into the belt that sticky to my skin so i picked Massfit Pro. But its shocking me as I got sweat easily and feel like im doing my abs gym all day.


I bought this just because it has the most massage modes and the design is cool! Cant wait for my better abs


I hope Massfit can shape my waist back after giving birth. I like this so far as it has lots of force level. I dont think to have pain or inconvinient anymore



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