The First Gun Massage With Heating Head


Massgun Heat is a percussive gun massager with the first heating head with the power source from its head. This makes it more powerful and stable in enhancing the body's built-in ability to regenerate cells and repair muscle tears. It is good for everyday use.


Optimal Heating Massage Function

8 Massage Heads To Cover All Muscle Pain

Massgun heat

Heating Head For Deeper Muscle Recovery

Massforce Massgun Heat Gun Massager

Super Long Lasting Battery

Massforce Massgun Heat Gun Massager

Calming Muscle With Heating Mode

With a professional percussion massager, you could recover faster with greater comfort. Massgun Heat helps to relieve the lactic acid in muscles and accelerate your recovery! The 48-degree constant temperature heat function effectively breaks up the lactic acid built-up and efficiently soothes the muscles, attending each muscle group with equal care. Moreover, the main source of power and heat is from the head itself, which means delivering constant power and warmth to your skin. 

Quietest Massage Gun

With a decibel rating less than 48 decibels that is somewhere between a whisper and a normal conversation, Massgun Heat is one of the quietest massage guns on the market. A quiet motor that still beats at 3,200 pulses per minute. No one will get annoyed when you relax.

Massforce Massgun Heat Gun Massager
Massforce Massgun Heat Gun Massager

Variable Speeds and Intensities

Ultimate gun massager with heating head is to relieve sore muscles post-workout and accelerate recovery from exercise injuries, choose between 20 adjustable speed force. Ease of control in the sensitive touch screen to select modes and intensity levels. 

No Need To Charge More Often

Running out of battery while you relax is annoying. A long-lasting battery power-up Massgun Heat that makes you go charging less often. Two hours a single charge for your 12 hours on the go massage.

Massforce Massgun Heat Gun Massager

8 Interchangeable Heads

Gear up with 7 massage heads + 1 heating head to target specific areas and get into muscle groups that other massage guns may miss. 

  • Ball head: used for large muscle groups like the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. It covers a larger surface area, enabling you to target the larger muscle groups all at once.
  • U-shape head: comfortable head for massaging neck and vertebrate or spine 
  • Cone head: Perfect for overall use on large and small muscle groups. This one is usually the go-to attachment for general use.
  • Flat head: perfect for shoulder blades and IT bands, as it is great for full body massage and relaxation. Precisely engineered for smaller surface area and it is also perfect for use on more dense muscle groups.
  • Key flat head: Used mostly for tender or areas. Great to use all over the body. More suitable for sensitive muscle groups and soft tissue relaxation.
  • Semi-circle head: Used mostly for trigger points and the lower back. It can be used on either side of the spine, but should not be used directly on the bone.
  • Mushroom head: Used for pinpoint muscle treatment and smaller muscle groups like hands and feet. It’s great for trigger point massage but shouldn’t be used for longer than 15 seconds per muscle area.
Good!! I had some back pain so I bought the massage gun to hopefully relieve some pain and it has worked for me. I also like the case and set up it came with. Little heavy but power and battery life are exceptional!
Kimberly Gonnering

Customer Reviews

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Kai Fenbury

Worth it. Amazing quality, good design, coming with different heads that you can change depending on what you need. Functioning well and worth the money.

Madeline Bannerman

Superb! This gun is amazing! I run about 10 miles a week made my legs and thigh are in constant soar. The 8 different heads (the heating head is my favorite so far) are great cover many part of your body muscles, battery is top, and the most important thing: massage speed/pressure are awesome. This changed my whole post-run experience into a better one. Love it!

Brianna Blamey

Great product! We've been looking for a perfect massage gun that can accommodate me and my husband, he's a workout junkie and I'm having a back problem from sitting in front of the screen for a whole day. We both are happy chose massgun because of its great quality! My husband enjoys workout even more cause of his recovery time is reduced after using this product. My back and legs are feeling much relax after I massage them with the gun. If you're looking for a massage gun for workout or just to feel relax, nothing's better than massgun.

Tristan Craigie

Awesome massage gun. It's easy to get lost in search of a proper massage device but I'm glad landed to this one. Great quality, noiseless, easy to use. I've been using it for the last 4 weeks and noticed a tremendous difference in recovery time after a big day at the gym. This is great to use after workout. Highly recommended!


Great value and quality! Shocking how well made.



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