Reach Muscle Out Wider and Deeper


Your Everyday Therapy
    • 28 massage modes and 20 intensity level
    • 4 - 6 hours of use in one charge
    • LED touch screen control


Massforce Massgun Heat Gun Massager

Multiple Control and Modes

Massforce Massgun Heat Gun Massager

Long-lasting Battery

Massforce Massgun Heat Gun Massager

Touch Screen Control

Massforce Massmulator 28 Massage Modes TENS Machine

The effective therapy for muscle relaxation and recovery

Massmulator uses TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Neurostimulation) technology. TENS activates your muscles with electrical stimulation. It can also stimulate the nerves to help relieve pain. You can use a TENS machine for 30-60 minutes daily.

Choose your therapy

Set your treatment from 28 massage modes, ranging from Gua Sha to deep tissue massage. Each mode has 20 intensity levels to choose from. You can now relax your tense muscles or get the relief you need as you feel right.

Massforce Massmulator 28 Massage Modes TENS Machine
Massforce Massmulator 28 Massage Modes TENS Machine

Easy to use

The electrical pads are usually placed over the location of pain, but other placements can also be effective. If you have a specific pain condition, please consult a physiotherapist for the right placement.

Avoid these Specific Areas

TENS machines should not be used in the front or sides of your neck, temples, mouth and eyes, chest, and upper back at the same time, irritated, infected, or damaged skin. It is not safe to use if you have a pacemaker or another sort of electrical metal implant, are pregnant, have epilepsy, or have a cardiac condition.

Massforce Massmulator 28 Massage Modes TENS Machine

Avoid These Areas

It is not suggested to use a TENS machine in front or sides of your neck, your temples, mouth or eyes, chest and upper back at the same time, irritated or infected or broken skin, varicose veins, and numb areas. It is not safe for everyone to use in case of having pacemaker or another type of electrical metal implant, expectant mother, or have epilepsy or heart problem. 

Soothing and Powerful. Nice little contraption. I use it on my joints when they flair up. It helps to relax and relieve the pain. Of course, everyone had to try this when I first received it and they were all surprised by the strength this machine can achieve.
Matthew Pleake
  • Model: Aku table lamp
  • Material(s): Aluminum
  • Finish(es): Black
  • Lumen: 1 050 lm
  • Watts: 24 W
  • Kelvin: 3 000-6 000K
  • Lifespan: 20,000 hours
  • Function: Touch switch / Controllable and variable light intensity (dimmable) / 3 sets of lights
  • Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 32cm
  • Cable length: 1.5m
  • Weight: 880g
  • 1 x Aku table lamp
  • 1 x Instruction Guide
  • 1 x LED

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

Great muscle stimulator. Love the idea of different settings


Great product. Easy to use, very portable, works great!


Works amazing! This thing will really make your muscles relax and feel great!


For my needs, this product is excellent. I would recommend this product for anyone that needs relief from minor aches and muscle pains.


This little unit works great. It has so many settings and adjustments that make it so adaptable. Highly recommend



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