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Massneck Pro is an effective neck therapy for relief of muscle tightness, aimed to reduce muscle tightness by reducing tissue inelasticity. Moreover, the arteries of the neck are a little bit fragile, so getting a massage therapy by poorly trained or incompetent therapists can cause serious problems, including a stroke. Getting neck therapy on a regular basis helps keep all your joints limber, which reduces your chances of pulling a muscle.


Massforce Massgun Heat Gun Massager

Relieves Neck Pain

Massforce Massgun Heat Gun Massager

Foldable Design

Massforce Massgun Heat Gun Massager

Long-lasting Battery

Massforce Massneck Pro Neck Therapy

Advanced Design

Massneck Pro is a folding portable neck therapy with material of stainless steel electrodes sheets and PI heating sheets, micro-computer chip control technology, and promotes blood flow. Modern artistry for neck massager lets you control it with a simple button.

Therapy Modes and Power

Your neck deserves total comfort. Treat yourself well in five massage modes with 15 intensity levels for each mode. These include methods of acupuncture and moxibustion, pressure massage, and pulsate.

Massforce Massneck Pro Neck Therapy
Massforce Massneck Pro Neck Therapy

Compact Neck Therapy

As it is foldable, the material is advanced to be compact neck therapy. Sleek and durable to fit your modern daily look. Shape in size 10.5 x 13.5 x 3.5 cm makes this easy to flip on your pocket. 

Good!! I had some back pain so I bought the massage gun to hopefully relieve some pain and it has worked for me. I also like the case and set up it came with. Little heavy but power and battery life are exceptional!
Kimberly Gonnering

Hot Compress

A neck therapy helps to relax the neck muscles and relieve the neck fatigue through micro-current stimulation and hot compress. A hot compress can effectively raise the temperature of the environment around the neck, promote blood circulation, and cooperate with the stimulation of microcurrent to drive the neck muscles to exercise together, giving people a full range of comfortable experiences.

Massforce Massneck Pro Neck Therapy
Massforce Massneck Pro Neck Therapy

Durable Power

Don’t you expect to have therapy on the go can be longer as you want? With a lithium battery 450 mAh, Massneck delivers you relaxation for more than 4 hours. Charge with a USB charging method with 5V input power, you do not have to finish your favorite movie to wait for its charging. 

Carry Anywhere

With its foldable design, Massneck pro promotes therapy on-the-go. Bring it anywhere you go and have a relaxing time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Alice Edmonds

My neck can't thank you enough. I'm writing this review wearing my massneck pro. It's my neck-life saver. I wasn't expecting it this good but it is. It's helping my work experience more enjoyable. Thank you massneck.

Rachel Rankine

Easy to use. I bought it for my 60 yo mom and she likes it a lot. It's super easy for her to use, she can change the massage pressure using remote. It helps her stiff neck that she got a lot from sleeping or napping position. Great product.

Ellie Dwyer

It's everything like what they said! This massage device works well as how it described. The warmth and massage pressure working good for my stiff neck, battery is long last, fast charging, small and compact size is so easy to bring anywhere with me. I like they way it feels so uses it often even when my neck feeling fine. I recommend this great products to my friends.

Christian Seymour

Goodbye sore neck. My massneck pro arrived a 3 weeks ago and been using it everyday since. It's really good to release the tension of my neck from sleeping position or working in from of screen all day. I love the warmth and different massage modes. Really worth the money I paid for.


No matter who uses this neck massager in this house, adults and older teens, this neck massager works and fits everyone. Whether I slept wrong, stress headaches, tension in the neck or just need to relax, this neck massager really does help. The heat option on this is optional but I found that it helps with aches, soreness and is you have a kink in your neck.



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